Protalia Roofing Sheets

  • Long Lasting Color Stability

    • Protalia plastic roof sheet has outstanding weather resistance. They can effectively avoid color
      fading, color changing, and fracturing problems even when they are used under severe conditions
      with strong UV radiations, large temperature variations, as well as frequent wind and rain.
  • Convenient and Efficient Installation

    • Protalia plastic roofing materials has light weight and are available with a complete range of
      installation accessories which contribute to convenient installation. The higher usage efficiency
      (or effective width makes sure our products offer higher installation efficiency than clay Sheets,
      thus saving cost).
  • Green and Environmental Friendly Design

    • All Protalia products don’t contain asbestos or radioactive element and they are recyclable.
  • Highly Fire Resistant

    • According to tests conducted by SGS, our products conform to the UL 94-2013 plastics flammability
      standard. They are proven to have flame rating at V0 or higher grade and belong to non-flammable
      building material.
    • Exceptional Waterproof Performance

      • Protalia plastic roof panels have special external designs. This combined patented waterproof
        accessories enables all fastening screws won’t get rust. Thus, outstanding water resistance is
    • Thermal Stability

      • Thermal expansion or contraction won’t occur even when they are applied in extreme temperatures
        -25ºC to 60ºC. Our products have no visible changes and even under low temperature, our products
        won’t occur surface damage or fracture problems.
    • Superior Corrosion Resistance

      • Due to superb anti-corrosion performance, chemical reactions won’t take place even when our
        roofing sheets are immersed in corrosive solutions for continuously 24 hours. Our products won’t
        rust, which largely improves its waterproof performance. That‘s why Protalia products are perfect
        for coastal areas and places with frequent acid rain.
    • Remarkable Heat and Sound Insulation

      • Protalia plastic roofing sheet has a thermal conductivity coefficient of 0.07 W/mK, which is
        approximately 1/6th that of cement sheets and 1/2200th that of 0.5mm color steel roof sheets.
        It has a good absorption of the noise effect, noise down 30dB than color steel sheet.

Types of Roofing Sheets

3 Layers UPVC Small Waves Roofing Sheets

Due to the above three kinds of material, Protalia heat insulated UPVC roof sheet became an ideal heat and
sound insulation roofing material for use in corrosive or high-temperature areas. They also create a sense of space
and beauty. They are suitable for use in countries and areas with varied climate conditions, including the Middle
East, Africa, Asia and more.

Special Features:

    • Superior Heat Insulated Performance
    • Good sound Insulation Performance

UPVC Trapezoidal 3 Layers

Trapezoidal Wave Type 3 Layer Heat Insulated PVC Roof Tiles Supplier Plastic Roof Covering. The product is made of foreign advanced technology specifically for the plant were located in corrosive acid rain areas and re-designed a new generation of permanent roofing materials.

Special Features:

  • Corrosion resistance, last 10-15 years life span
  • Color stable.
  • Sound absorption and heat insulation.
  • Good water resistance.
  • Fireproof resistance.
  • Easy to install.
  • Good impact and low-temperature resistance.

Weather Proof 4 Layers ASA/PVC Roof Sheet

High-grade plants, steel factories, factory, warehouses, farm market, market access sheds, and other high-end roofing
materials. Especially in corrosive chemical plants, smelters, ceramic plants, soy sauce factory, chemical plants, printing
and dyeing plant, organic solvent factory, acids alkali, and another corrosive plant, etc.

Special Features:

    • Excellent Heat Insulation
    • Excellent Anti-Corrosion & UV Ray
    • Special Long Lifespan

ASA Synthetic Resin Sheet

Protalia Spanish Style ASA roof sheet offers an ideal roofing material solution when you are planning to reconstruct
your flat roof into pitched roof. Also, it is a kind of commonly used building material for sheds, carports, stadiums,
villas, holiday villages, mobile homes, prefabricated houses, garden pavilions, as well as many other types of residential
and commercial buildings.

Special Features:

    • Excellent Corrosion Resistance
    • Excellent Anti-UV Performance
    • Special Long Lifespan

Polycarbonate Hollow Sheets

This series of Polycarbonate Hollow Sheets are widely used in the roof construction for farms, greenhouse, chemical factories,
warehouses, steel structure building, farmer markets, and car sheds. This product offers an optimum roofing sheet
selection for construction of greenhouses and skylights as well as roofing systems with the daylighting requirement.

Special Features:

    • Competitive Price
    • Excellent Anti-UV Ray
    • High light transmission
    • Excellent Anti-UV Ray

Polycarbonate Solid Sheets

Solid polycarbonate sheet is superior to hollow polycarbonate sheet in light transmission and impact strength. Hence, it is especially suitable for the applications where light is urgently needed, such as lamp boxes, hood lighting, industrial shops and greenhouse.

Special Features:

    • Exceptional light transmission
    • High impact strength
    • Lightweight
    • Thermal insulation
    • Flame resistance

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