Glass with that Special Touch of Class


Add modern, spectacular elegance. Hollow glass blocks add a certain touch of class to the ambiance of a living area or workplace. They also serve as visually striking elements when used imaginatively to break the monotony of concrete, stonework, brick or tiled facades. Hollow glass blocks also find favor for use in atria and sun roofs / sky lights, partitions walls, and as the main element of decorative glass murals in receptions, lobbies, elevations, corridors, bathrooms and other public area in shopping malls, Showrooms, Offices and Residences


  • Can be given geometric effects by combinations for the scope of design
  • Highly resistant to weather conditions
  • Resistance to scratching & corrosion
  • Easy / Quick installations
  • High durability
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Can be fixed on Aluminum / Wooden frames for partitions
  • Light in weight
  • Slow conductors of heat
  • Special transformation of light
  • Available in different designs / Colors
  • Sound insulator
  • Prices are competitive and reasonable


  • Beautifies the outlook and develops aesthetic value
  • Protection to the masonry work on Buildings and curtailing maintenance costs
  • Longer life of the product, hence replacement is not frequent, so saves pocket drain
  • Low labor costs & quick usage of product
  • Can be dismounted and reused hence saves costs
  • Suitable for use in laboratories, hospitals and chemical industries for partitioning use
  • Does not involve any alterations on floors
  • Ease in transpiration and handling
  • Help save energy
  • Makes space look open and low of light is in harmony with natural colors
  • Gives more selection choice and customer satisfaction
  • Maintains privacy
  • Within the reach of consumers.

Diamond Bronze 80021-09

Diamond Dr. Blue 80021-05

Diamond Lt. Blue 80021-06

Ocean View Dr. Blue 80005-05

Ocean View Green 80005-03

Ocean View Pink 80005-04

Quadra Dr. Blue

Quadra Green

Quadra Lt. Blue

Toba Bronze

Tobe Dr. Blue