About Progressive Traders

It is a mission-oriented and value-driven, fair and friendly business organization, focusing on truly beneficial products and services, adhering to ethos of fairness to people, planet and the sectors in which it operates as an explicit policy- level commitment.

Progressive Traders was established in Karachi, Pakistan in 1954 as a partnership firm with a modest purpose of sourcing raw materials, equipment and technologies which would contribute to modernization and growth of the leather tanning industry in Pakistan, through provision of quality raw materials, technologies and international networking. This effectively contributed to quantum overall growth of this sector during the 4th quarter of the twentieth century.

Similarly Progressive Traders has substantially contributed to the improvement, growth and expansion of the safety match industry, through quality enhancement and strategic promotion for export, with the result that Pakistan is now a significant exporter of safety matches to the global market place.

Progressive Traders has now grown into a respectable group with several departments within the main entity and three satellite companies. With a versatile approach, they are engaged in their specialized pursuits of manufacturing, import, import substitution, trading, distribution and export of a diverse product range comprising industrial raw materials, food ingredients, building products, fast moving consumer goods and real estate.


“Fair & Friendly Business”


Practice and promote intrinsically beneficial products and services, meeting or exceeding industry norms of quality and deliver right value for money, through competent people and competitive governance.

Establish a trustworthy reputation of honoring commitment, inclusive development through innovation, continuous improvement, fairness in care and growth to employees as well as to partners across value chain and proactive responsibility towards society and environment.

Incorporate compliance with Islamic dictates and law of land into the strategic decision-making process at the top level.


Progressive Group has a history of six decades. Established in 1954 as a partnership firm. Progressive Group, now a private limited company, had a modest start of sourcing raw materials of the leather industry. The group now comprises of several divisions actively engaged in their specialized areas of pursuit. With a versatile approach, they are involved in the business activities of manufacture, export, import, distribution, trading, public tenders, inter-government deals and representation for export and import.


  • Speak the truth
  • Respect others
  • Adopt positive mindset
  • Keep promise
  • Avoid back biting
  • Make cleanliness a habit
  • Value time
  • Be polite and courteous

Chairman Message

You have chosen a mature group of companies established in 1954.

It is a value-based fair and friendly economic pursuit across the entire value chain, From Production to Consumption. By design, we endeavor to be the preferred choice of our suppliers, service providers, our employees and our customers with transparent remedial recourse. We uncompromisingly focus on total quality and good value for money.

Progressive is an environment-friendly, socially responsible company and an equal opportunity employer.