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    Practice & promote trade & production of intrinsically beneficial products & services, meeting or exceeding industry norms of quality and deliver right value for money, through competitive governance.

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    Progressive Group

    Progressive Traders was established in Karachi, Pakistan in 1954 as a partnership firm with a modest purpose of sourcing raw materials, equipment and technologies which would contribute to modernization and growth of the leather tanning industry in Pakistan.

    Progressive Traders has now grown into a respectable group with several departments within the main entity and three satellite companies.

    Our Business Divisions

    FMCG - Power Plus

    Starting its journey with Battery Cells in 1999, Power Plus division is serving Pakistan’s consumers segment for more than two decades. The portfolio of 130+ products with our flagship brand endorses the real meaning of a Progressive Group.


    Pak Ghiza

    Pak Ghiza is a mission-oriented & value-driven organization. manufacturing, food ingredients, relevant to the Baking industry especially Bread Improvers, Instant Dry Yeast Bread Preservatives, Cocoa Powders, etc.

    Industrial Chemical & Building Material

    Manufacturing industrial chemicals and building materials of global standards and becoming the number 1 choice across the board.


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